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So here's the deal, I usually pay Curators $20 for a playlist slot... but with you guys, Since I want to help build you up. I want to send you over $5 each submission I get and I'm going to use the remaining $15 to promote your playlist with my network. What will happen is your playlist will start Getting plays and listens which will then make your playlist attractive to the artists that are on there.

You can come up with your own Pricing for submissions to artists that reach out to you, and I will help send artists your way from word of mouth and my contact sheet which I will add you on.

When your playlist start showing results, Artists are going to want to come back to you directly or through me and then you'll be able to monetize that...It'll take some time but at least I can get you involved. WIN WIN for everyone.

When you get artists submitting to your playlists and you want help with promoting, You can then shop with me to promote your playlist. I'll give you a price sheet personally.

Making Your Playlist

Give it a Dope Name!

believe it or not that's important

First things first, Whether you want to make one playlist or 3 determine what genre of music you'll be basing these playlists on. 

Write a cool description

Make a cover Art for your playlist. (Not needed but Makes your playlist look more attractive.)


Have a total of at least 30 songs per playlist. (If Your an Artist make your song #1)

Start sharing your playlist to get some followers on it (I'll help with this as well)

Share your playlist link with me and give me a good email to contact you for submissions. (Instagram Dm submissions is fine if your ok with that)

Once 100 followers are on the playlist. You'll Submit your playlist to

This is where We'll be able to Use Gates to get you more Followers which I'll explain down the road.

Thank You for Joining The Team

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