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This service leverages highly intelligent, AI-driven advertising tactics to connect your music to the ideal audience. Our AI system meticulously analyzes listeners’ past music preferences, preferred genres, favorite songs, and much more to precisely target those who are most likely to engage with your music.


Ultra-Smart Targeting: AI analyzes listener preferences for precise music promotion.

Premium Stream Sources: Taps into “My Liked Songs” for repeated listening.

Algorithmic Playlists: Utilizes Spotify’s algorithmic playlists for diverse exposure.

Superior Retention Rate: Ensures up to 90% song retention, highest in Spotify.

Long-Term Engagement: Encourages repeat listens, fostering long-term audience engagement.

The Algorithmic category focuses on securing placements on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists to target the right audience for your music.

Utilize powerful algorithmic Playlists to target the right audience.

Increase the chances of getting featured on Radio and Discover Weekly playlists.

Amplify your reach and capture the attention of engaged listeners.

A.I. Targeting Spotify

  • This category is perfect for artists looking to harness the power of Spotify’s software algorithms. With our Algorithmic Spotify promotion, we curate your exposure based on user listening habits, meaning your music reaches a targeted and engaged audience.Features:Superior exposure through Spotify’s powerful algorithmic playlists, including “Radio” and “Release Radar”.

    Access to highly targeted listeners likely to become your dedicated fans.

    Enhanced royalties through the increased listenership of your music.

    Customized promotional strategies based on Spotify’s AI to maximize your music’s reach.


    Streams from curators’ own playlists and library & Algorithmic playlists

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