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Being Seen and Heard is a Priority for Influencers and Artists. Engagement is important for triggering the algorithm, within 6 hours of a post. Comments, Likes, Shares and interactions matter. Depending on the content and how much engagment you recieve, Instagram can place your post on the explore page where new Fans and New Potential Followers will see your content. That is what you want. Lets Get you Seen and Heard! 


This Package will get your post shared to individuals in our network and to new supporters. You will recieve engagement from individuals in the Music, Fashion, and Influencing industry. 


Make sure to add a CTA (Call To actions) In your caption, so that your engaged audience can interact with your posts.




1. 3 Post Engagement 

2. IG Growth - Likes 250-300 on Every Post

                             Comments 3-5 on Every Post

                             Views 750-1000 on Every Video

IG Engagement