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In the competitive realm of the music industry, success hinges on skillfully utilizing your achievements to propel your career forward. Recognizing the influential role accomplishments play, we offer an innovative service guaranteeing your song's placement on Apple Music charts, providing crucial leverage for securing shows, brand deals, and overall recognition.


Achieving chart status on Apple Music not only stands as a noteworthy feat but also serves as tangible evidence of your success. We encourage our clients to capitalize on this achievement by obtaining a plaque or certification and leveraging it on social media to enhance their brand. Displaying the impressive performance on Apple Music charts can significantly bolster your reputation and attract attention from industry professionals.


Nevertheless, exercising caution when considering charting services is paramount. Instead of relying solely on chart performance, it is crucial to establish a robust foundation for your song's success. This involves ensuring your single accumulates a substantial number of streams and monthly listeners on platforms like Spotify and attains significant viewership on platforms such as YouTube. By cultivating a strong online presence and investing in effective marketing endeavors, the path to charting success becomes more achievable.


The practice of charting music is a closely guarded strategy within major record labels, employed to enhance the overall image and marketability of their artists. We firmly believe that this approach can yield lasting benefits for independent artists as well. Therefore, we strongly advocate integrating charting as a fundamental aspect of your release strategy.


  • Chart your single on itunes. Whatever genre your single is under that will be the genre the song will chart in. This service is for one day on the charts with the possibility of peaking positions. Usually all clients break top 50 or better.




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