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Shazam Promotion? 4 Reasons You Need It

When someone hears a song they love but don’t know what it is–they Shazam it. The algorithm pays attention to growth and movement and charts it–predicting which songs are potential hits.

Industry professionals & radio stations pay attention to Shazam’s predictions when considering working with a new artist. They trust in the apps ability to predict up and coming artists.

Artists can leverage Shazam in four important ways:

1. To grow new organic followers

2. To gain leverage in industry meetings

3. Plays are also counted towards Apple Music streams.

4. More plays mean a better chance of featuring on the Spotify Discover Weekly lists & more

Shazam Promotion To Grow Your Fanbase

There are not many companies currently offering Shazam promotion. That’s why we are so excited about this new service.

Our A&R team works with a large network that has access to over 1,000+ engagement groups on Telegram, IG, Facebook & many other platforms. Fans are given incentives to listen and share singles via Shazam. This rapidly grows followers, and increases play counts.

For example, in two weeks, our artists Joachim Garraud and Rey Fonder went from 180 Shazams to 12,063 hits.

Shazam Promotion – Frequently Asked Questions

Are the plays real?

Yes, we work with a large network of bloggers, artists, producers and music lovers whom we pitch your record to listen and Shazam the single if they like what they hear.

Are the followers also guaranteed numbers?

No, the numbers projected are an estimate. (And beware of anyone who gives you a guarantee). You will get somewhere close to and around the estimated figure.

Will the Shazam plays go towards streaming on any of the dsp’s?

Yes, the plays will go towards Apple Music as they have bought out Shazam.

Will the plays on Shazam count towards the Shazam charts?

It potentially could, depending on which campaign you do and how well the song is received in our network.

Will the plays count towards Spotify streaming?

It can if the Shazam’er chooses the Spotify option on the platform. Once enough Shazams are made that go towards Spotify, it can potentially trigger the algorithm and create the possibility of landing on the Discover Weekly, Particle Detectors, Release Radar, and even Editorials if the engagement is strong enough.

Shazam Campaigns

  • Attach Shazam link


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