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Being an artist is hard. Not only is the whole creative process very complex, but it is even harder to put your art out there and be acknowledged. In this ebook I discuss the basics of getting more streams for your songs. All of these tips were used successfully by me, and I truly believe you will be able to benefit from a lot from them. So grab a paper and a pen, and let’s go.

Step By Step To Royalties


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My partners explained how we get real organic streams read below:


“We’ve been serving artists for the last 10-15 years. We've networked with DJs and podcasters . So we’ve gained a big organic DJ infrastructure, and with that we use a "Play 4 Play" method of gathering streams. A DIGITAL RECORD POOL! that’s how we deliver our real organic streams!”

You'll receive daily streams slowly up to the amount purchased but will most likely get more. Contact me if Interested

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Submit to multiple playlists, Increase monthly listeners, increase daily streams. Submit your music to collaborative playlists. I will also

create a playlist of your music and promote it. 

Need a great mix & master for your song or album?

Collaborative Playlisting by CAL.

Submit your music along with other artists similar to you. I will collaboratively place them and promote your song along with mine. Stick together, Grow together. Every artist submitted is instructed to save each others song so that we help each other with the algorithm. Submit Now!

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