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Has Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music streaming services generate more paid streams.

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I've used this service personally and they've helped me land on an actual official Spotify playlist ‘Discover Weekly’


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HRDRV is a creative services and music distribution admin company. They offer free cover art, visualizers, production, discounted mixing & mastering, and more. You can find out more by clicking here.

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Indie Bible Is a Guide and Directory for Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. Their List of Contacts will help you land on multiple playlists on these platforms. 


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SongTrust Registers all or some of your songs in one place. Reduce redundancies and keep all your information organized in your Songtrust Dashboard. SongTrust gathers your mechanical, radio and performance royalties.


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TAPD makes sharing your music so much fun. Share your social media, Business or Music with one tap. I have My Spotify profile linked So anyone can find me immediately in person.


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All Artists should have some investments going. We Work hard and Live in the Now but nothings wrong with thinking for the future. Acorns actually helps me save for items I need musically. whether its for studio equipment or vacation funds. Acorns has my back, by saving all my change from my everyday expenses.


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