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Organic Spotify growth through targeted Facebook ads.

Our Facebook Ads Service for Musicians is the perfect solution to promote your music and grow your fanbase. With targeted ads, eye-catching content, and proven strategies to boost engagement, we help you reach a wider audience and track your results for optimal performance. Take your music career to the next level.

*Campaigns launch in 24-48 hrs



Facebook Ad campaigns for Spotify

Plain and simple. this is the best and most organic way to grow your brand as an artist. We will create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns sending people to your spotify profile

Facebook Ads

  • Elevate Your Music: Spotify for Facebook Unleashed!

    Hey there, fellow music maestro! Ready to take your tunes to the next level? Well, you're in for a treat because we've got the ultimate jam for you – Spotify for Facebook magic. At CALINCLINED, we're all about turning your beats into a sensation, and our Spotify marketing campaigns combined with the wizardry of Facebook ads are here to make it happen!

    Diving into Marketing Awesomeness:

    Imagine this: your song hitting all the right notes, racking up streams, and snagging fans like never before. Our Spotify marketing campaigns are like a turbo boost for your tracks. We're not about random clicks; we're about real connections with listeners who groove to your vibe.

    Unleashing the Facebook Ads Powerhouse:

    Hold onto your headphones, because we're unleashing the mighty Facebook ads for your song’s beats. Think laser-focused targeting that lands your tunes in front of folks totally into your sound. Pop, rock, hip-hop – whatever your flavour, our campaigns make sure it reaches the right ears.

    Groove On with Instagram Vibes:

    Nowadays, it's all about the 'Gram. And guess what? We are dialled into that too. Our Spotify Instagram ad sorcery lets your track slide into the Instagram feeds of potential fans. Visuals that sync seamlessly with your art? It's a match made in music heaven.

    Why Choose Us?

    - Industry Gurus: We've been grooving in the song promotion world for along time, so we know the beats like nobody else.

    - Tailor-Made Goodness: No cookie-cutter stuff here. We cook up campaigns that are as unique as your track, aligning with your goals and style.

    - No fake stuff: We are all about genuine connections. Our campaigns connects you up with listeners who actually dig your vibe.

    - Data Unleashed: Analytics are our sidekick. Track your campaign's journey with detailed insights – see where your song's rocking and who's grooving to it.


    Q: Why should I give Facebook ads for Spotify a shot?

    A: It's like combining the awesomeness of beats with Facebook's massive reach. Your production + a wider audience = epic combo!

    Q: Can my Instagram game join the party too?

    A: Our Spotify Instagram ad groove syncs up your track with Instagram's beat, making sure your music vibes wherever the crowd is.

    Q: Can I see how my Spotify Facebook ad's doing?

    A: We dish out detailed stats and insights so you can see exactly how your music's taking off – streams, engagement, and all the good stuff.

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