Where Do I Begin? ok... I Know

 For the past two years, I've been networking with artists and curators on social media building up my own fan base. I found myself submitting to any curator I can get in contact with, starting with playlist push and submit hub.

I then realized after spending hundreds of dollars of my own hard earned money, on playlists that didn't get me much results.

Why don't I just curate my own music and find dope artists to join me with my marketing. I then began to build my playlists on Spotify and Grow them on Soundplate and daily

This is where I found Leverage. I now had access to both parties. Being an artist myself and knowing the struggle I immediately started showing love to everyone who submitted.

I then began to network and negotiate with good curators I found on my own and began to build a list. This list I still share to this day.

Now with these curators that I've built a relationship with, They agreed to allow me to pitch my music and other artists music to their playlists.

This is when I got into Marketing and Playlist pitching for myself and others. Since I am aware of ridiculous prices out there. I vowed to myself to never over charge for things that shouldn't be high priced to begin with.

Artists want to be heard and I want to be able to give as much opportunities and insight as I can.

So if your an ARTIST and your looking for some dope curations. You came to the right guy.

Lets Build, Lets Network and If you made it down this far to this read. I'd like to thank you for your time and lets get to what your here for. 



Submit to multiple playlists, Increase monthly listeners, increase daily streams. Submit your music to collaborative playlists. I will also  create a playlist of your music and promote it. 

Collaborative Playlisting by CAL.

Submit your music along with other artists similar to you. I will collaboratively place them and promote your song along with mine. Stick together, Grow together. Every artist submitted is instructed to save each others song so that we help each other with the algorithm.


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