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Once you choose to buy any paid services from whichever promotional/marketing company. You are Taking the Risk with your own content. My team and I just deliver our services as advertised to help you with reach. 


Playlist pitching is a process of getting your music heard and placed on to multiple playlists. Playlists that my Team and I vetted with our own music to ensure organic reach. 


If your SONG is then placed into playlists outside of our network, there is no possible way for us to investigate for you.

However, if your song ever gets removed from SPOTIFY or any other platforms. We will provide you with instructions on how to reupload your music with your ISRC code.


We have confirmed artists, who had their songs reuploaded with their stream counts back on to spotify.


When you purchase a package you are agreeing to these terms


CALINCLINED, LLC provides a done-for-you paid music promotion service where the results of your campaign

can vary. You agree that you will not cancel, make any changes, request any refunds, file any unauthorized charges, or open any disputes once your Music Streaming Promotion orders are placed. Once the order is started you will have to wait for it to finish. Once you sign the terms and or click Submit Order, and check out. You now fully agree to these terms and conditions.


By using the Services, you agree to these terms. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS THEN DO NOT USE THE SERVICES.


We pride ourselves in being Good Responsible curators. We will work with you on how to remedy any issues that may occur but be aware. It is not fully clear what Spotify considers “unnatural behavior”



Thank You for Considering CALINCLINED,LLC for Your Marketing Strategies.

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